4 Common Questions About Hearing Aid Repair That Deserve Answers

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids make a big difference when it comes to enjoying a higher quality of life. Should those aids begin to malfunction, having them repaired is one of the first solutions to consider? It’s not unusual for people to have some questions about hearing aid repair and what they should do. Here are four of the most common questions along with answers that will help you decide what to do next. 

How Quickly Can the Repair Be Made?

There’s no set time frame for making repairs to hearing aids. The nature of the issue, the availability of replacement components, and several other factors will influence how long it will take. In some cases, repairs can be completed on the same day. At other times, it may take a week or longer. 

Why the difference? Some repairs are simple and can be made in an audiologist’s office. Others will require shipping the aids to the manufacturer. A specialist can tell you what to expect after determining what’s wrong with the aids. 

Will Insurance Pay for the Repair?

Coverage for hearing aids varies from one provider to another. You may find that the policy you have in place covers part of the cost of purchase, but does nothing to help with repair expenses. Other policies may include some benefits that will work in tandem with any warranty coverage or service plans that are in place. 

Contact your insurance provider in advance to find out if there are any benefits related to hearing aid repair. If so, make sure you use a repair service that’s in the provider’s network. That will allow you to enjoy the highest amount of coverage and keep the out-of-pocket expenses lower. 

Are the Hearing Aids Too Old to Repair?

One thing that many people don’t know is that replacement components for hearing aids are not manufactured for a long period of time. On average, parts for a specific make and model may only remain in production for five years. In some cases, production may cease after three years. 

Depending on how old your set happens to be, getting replacement parts may be difficult. Even if they can be found, those parts may be costly. If that’s the case, attempting a hearing aid repair may not be wise. You would do well to consider investing in the purchase of a new set of hearing aids. 

Is the Cost Worth It?

Even if getting replacement parts is not a problem and they are not expensive, does that mean it’s worth the money to have the repairs done? Not necessarily. A lot depends on how well the hearing aids will perform once the repairs are made and how long you can reasonably expect them to last. 

If there’s any indication that the level of performance will not be what it was in the past, or that the aids may have other problems that need resolution soon, spending money on repairs may not be the best strategy. At that point, it makes more sense to undergo a new hearing test and invest in new aids that will need nothing more than routine maintenance for a long time.

You will have other questions about your hearing aids and the decision to repair them. Rest assured that your audiologist has some answers to those questions. Weigh your options carefully and it won’t take long to settle on the solution that’s right for you.