8 Signs That Indicate You Are Ignoring Your Anxiety


In addition to many physiological health issues, it is prevalent for mankind to deal with psychological problems. Though physiological health problems are easy to distinguish through a number of physical symptoms, it is tough to self-diagnose psychological issues.

Anxiety is a prevalent and widespread psychological problem that can make a person unwell. However, anxiety is easily translated into behavior and responses, which can help in its early detection. If anxiety remains untreated, not only will it affect your mental health and emotional well-being, but it might also impact your physical well-being.

Most Obvious Signs Of Anxiety

To help yourself feel better, the first and foremost thing is self-evaluation to make sure that you are not ignoring some apparent signs of anxiety. A person can help himself feel better only when he knows that there is a problem. Treatment and therapy come next after self-diagnosis of a problem. Here are some prominent signs of anxiety that people generally ignore.

1. Drink Too Often To Calm Yourself

Generally, it becomes very hard for an overly anxious person to take hold of his physical and mental well-being. The biggest mistake a person makes is the use of negative coping ways to feel better. Many people take support from harmful substances which are otherwise very injurious for health, such as drugs and alcohol. This is only a quick way out, and it can make your condition worse.

No matter for what reason you are into alcohol or drug abuse, it is better to seek professional help to live a life free of it. Even if you are living in the busiest city like New York City (NYC), you can still find a range of treatment options that meet your needs.  NYC rehabilitation centers offer every type of treatment option to alcohol and drug addicts. Thus, these are surely the best rehabs around! 

2. Facing Sleep Problems

For many people, it is hard to let go of things, and the mind is constantly thinking about problematic incidents and other problems. Active minds are difficult to relax out of, and this dramatically affects sleep patterns. This is also a strong indication that you are probably dealing with anxiety. The brain becomes too active, and it becomes challenging for a person to fall asleep.

Despite all your efforts, if you still are unable to secure a healthy sleep, then it might also indicate anxiety. Generally, such people toss and turn around all night thinking about unnecessary things. The treatment can help such overactive brains to relax a bit, and it also assists in a healthy sleep pattern.

3. Less Interest In Physical Activities

Usually, a healthy and stable person will involve himself in activities that promote mental and physical health. However, a person with anxiety might not be able to get involved in healthy physical activity. There are many reasons behind it. Anxiety consumes all the energy of a person, and it becomes very hard for him to participate in activities.   

On the other hand, such enjoyable activities are a great way to engage you. It helps to give a person a positive distraction away from anxiety. Participating in healthy and enjoyable physical activities makes up a positive coping mechanism for anxiety. Physical activity promotes neurotransmitters that help to relax the overactive mind.

4. You Think You Are Worrywart

If you think that you worry way too much about things, situations and problems, then it might also indicate anxiety. Thinking and worrying about things way too much is actually an indication of anxiety, but many people might consider it a part of their personality.

Thinking that your worrisome behavior is part of your personality will hold you back from seeking out treatment for anxiety. Consult with a good psychologist if you think you are a worry-wort or if your worrisome behavior is holding you back. Only an expert will help you diagnose it correctly.

5. Finding It Hard To Focus

An anxious brain is preoccupied with thoughts. This makes it very hard for the brain to focus on tasks and participate in discussions. This greatly affects your performance and productivity. If you think that you are unable to focus all the time, then it is a clear indication of anxiety. Instead of making excuses, it is better to consult with experts. An anxious patient might appear distracted and disinterested in things around him.

6. Avoidance Of Social Situations

Social interactions prove beneficial for mental and emotional well-being. Normally a stable person will like to mingle around and make healthy social connections, but those with anxiety might find it hard to interact with people healthily.

Such people get over-anxious about others’ opinions and statements. Usually, people with anxiety are susceptible to other people’s opinions and views, and additionally, they are of self-critical nature. With professional counseling, such people can surely improve their social life.

7. Panic About Every Physical Ailment

Another very unusual sign of anxiety is to panic about physical ailments. People with anxiety might take minor physical symptoms seriously and might think that they have something severe. When you begin paying unnecessary attention to each ache and sensation in the body, then it is an indication of anxiety.

8. You Are Unable To Relax

Generally, after a stressful situation, an average person tends to relax. However, if a person is unable to relax after a stressful situation, then it might indicate anxiety. People with anxiety are hyper-vigilant, and it makes it extremely difficult for them to relax even in a safe surrounding. Consult with a good psychologist, and surely you will find some relief if you are really dealing with the same condition.

Take Away

Make sure that you are not ignoring the obvious signs of anxiety, as it can affect your mental as well as physical health. If anxiety remains untreated, then it can take a more serious form which can consume more time and effort to combat.