Dishwasher Isn’t Leveled: What Should You Do?

dishwasher repair

Having a great dishwasher that works fine is a blessing. If you haven’t gotten a dishwasher already, you should upgrade your kitchen with a dishwasher! Not having to do the dishes all by yourself at the end of the day is so nice when you have a dishwasher to take care of it. All you have to do is to keep the dirty dishes in the washer and it does its magic. 

What if you do not place the dishwasher on a leveled surface?

If you have this problem of having the dishwasher not performing well, you will think to call dishwasher repair service. However, you need to check one basic thing: the dishwasher needs to be leveled. What happens if you do not level the dishwasher? There might be some performance issues with the dishwasher that wobbles.

The dishwasher needs to stay on the leveled surface because of the performance issue. 

Not just performance, the whole unit gets damaged when it is not on the leveled surface. The water can push the gasket of the door which is always sealed and due to the excess pressure of the unlevel surface, it can damage the gasket of the door. 

What are the other things that can happen other than the performance?

An unlevel dishwasher can actually lead to many performance issues this is because it might not drain the dirty water properly. Also, it can lead to the stagnant water pool which can be problematic. This dirty water can stink with overtime and also can be a breeding ground for the germs. The excess pressure can eventually spoil the gasket of the dishwasher and it can be problematic. 

The leaking of the dirty water can cause a lot of damage not just the dishwasher, but under the floors. The most problematic part of the unlevel dishwasher is that you would not notice the leaks when they are small scale. Once they grow bigger, they turn nastier and it can form pools of dirty water right under the dishwasher. If the dishwasher overfills and takes more water than it should normally do, it would not drain properly. This can lead to forcing the water out of the appliance and then on the floor. 

There might be some problems depending on the type of dishwasher you have but eventually, due to uneven surface, the valves might also take a hit. It is better that you start to consult the user’s manual or the website so that you know what can be done whenever the dishwasher is not on a leveled surface. Apart from that, using the wrong dishwasher detergent can cause a problem. Mainly because it can force the water to leak underneath that can warp the floor. 

Thus, keep check tips for dishwasher repair and how to take care of the dishwasher to run it for a longer time.

How do you check for the dishwasher level?

Well, it is quite simple to check the dishwasher level even without the help of a professional. Here is what you should do: First, you need to open the dishwasher door, and then you will understand that the dishwashers are on the same level if at all the racks roll out on their own. You will understand that the front legs are at a higher level than the back ones. 


You need to be careful with the dishwasher level because it can tamper with the performance. So what should you do to prevent any problems so that there is no dishwasher repair? Every dishwasher has adjustable legs. You need to level them out by raising them at a certain level. If rising is not helping to level them, you need to lower them depending on which you can make your model dishwasher work properly. 

Apart from that, you can do the legs of the dishwasher in a particular way. If it is not possible by you, you can call in for a professional dishwasher repair personnel to help you with this task. Leveling the dishwasher can help your dishwasher’s performance improve in so many ways that you wouldn’t encounter any problem further. Once you see the professional do the work, you can do it the next time.