How Apps are offering workspace solutions

Apps are offering workspace

Be it mobile applications or PWAs (Progressive Web Apps), there is a lot a mobile app is capable of doing. 

A robust mobile application can connect the organization or a brand to the targeted audience or the potential ones. There is no time and geographical restrictions. Any brand or a user connects and avail services or products at any point in time. 

Relieving the process of offering services and products, mobile applications have entered domains of education, healthcare, food, taxi booking, and so on. And this is not the end!

There are more applications that are being used in the office for interpersonal communication within the teams or the ones that are working in remote areas under the same organization. The official applications are capable of holding video calls other than voice calls. 

Understanding how apps are playing major roles in the market, a leading mobile app development company also pays attention to use the best of technology and others for robust results. 

At the same time, when keeping a watch on the latest technology, updates, market trends, and user demands, iOS, Android app developers are also working for a brand new concept that helps in workspace solutions. 

Just like renting furniture, another app-based concept is reserving the seats for employees by choosing the building pinned under the mobile application. 

Let us understand what is this all-new concept eliminating workspace crisis or seating issues. 

How does an app be useful for workspace solutions

Managing the workforce is still easy for large-scale enterprises but startups or the one who is just planning to start something big often comes up with workspace issues. 

The workspace issue can be not finding the right place to get the work started, too many employees, and less space to accommodate them all, not able to find the office under the budget, and other such issues. 

Keeping these issues in mind, apps now can ease the process of finding the right workspace solution. Let’s get started-

1. Help for employer

For the beginner or the startups who wants to have a decent workplace but budget constraints and area often hinder the process. 

To curb such a situation, well-known apps like The Desk Planner helps employer’s to choose the workspace to kickstart the work. 

2. The building

Just by using the application, you can choose the building that suits your needs and which is also under the budget. However, choosing the building does not mean you can choose any official building. 

The building & the floor choice is dependent on the list under the application. Selecting the building can be done as per the list given. 

3. Reserve Seats

Once you are done with selecting the building and floor, now is the time to reserve seats also. 

Just like you, there are more employers who are also in the quest of finding a workspace solution. Hence, to let your employee get their share of workspace and area, you can simply reserve the total number of seats required for your team. 

Meanwhile, you can also add a few extra seats in case there is a possibility of more to join in. 

4. No rush

Every employer along with employee want a workspace that is crowd-free. Clean and clear areas bring positivity and a positive silence helps in more productivity.

Keeping all these in mind, desk and workspace management applications offer a limited number of seats. This implies that there will be a limited number of seat availability. It will be more like “first come, first serve”. 

As there is a limited number of seats, there won’t arise any rush hush sort of situation or crowd like space. You might be reserving the place but your privacy will always be yours!

5. The date

When you are done with reserving the workspace and selecting the number of seats, now the next step is to choose the date you want the space for. 

You can extend the space accessibility by selecting the dates who want to work in. Bulk reservations can also be done using desk management applications for more ease. 

6.  Getting connected

After the successful completion of reservation processes, you will be contacted by the panel member for further assistance. 

Contacting employers will be totally offline via emails, phone calls, or as per the information given or provided. 

7. Assistance

If in case you get stuck with how to use the application or is it worth to opt for a reserved workplace, you can get assistance with every question bothering you. 

8. Check the status

Once you are done with everything, you can get back to the application and check the status and summary of all your reserved processes. 

This is how apps are offering workspace solutions to all the employers and the employees from small, mid to large scale enterprises. These mobile applications are the right way and the smartest way to organize the workspace. 

However, if you are willing to get started with this kind of application, ensure you are hiring the topmost and the right mobile app development company to get started!