How often does the average person check their email in a day?


According to an email usage study conducted by Adobe a couple of years back, Americans look over their personal emails for more than two hours and professional emails for three-plus hours a day.

This sums up to around five hours per day to check emails.

Though there were predictions that email will be replaced by social media sooner, it still remains the highly preferred approach for communication at work, reaching out to prospects, etc.

As you know, email is a highly cost-effective marketing tool with a good ROI. 

Yes. And when you use the right tool to find emails of your prospects, you are sure to have an outstanding ROI.

How to Find Email Addresses?

If you are not sure how to find email addresses, here’s the best tip for you.

Use to locate the correct email format of your target audience. You can start with the free plan and upgrade to the paid version if you find it useful.

For a small business that’s not using emails for its marketing, this will be a great insight.

And with the right tools, you could measure the metrics to adjust or improve your campaigns to get great results.

Email Usage Statistics

It was reported by the Radical Group that the no. of people using email topped 3.8 billion in 2018 and was expected to raise more than 4.2 billion by the year 2022.

It was also mentioned that the users are spending a considerable amount of time with email.

People are used to checking their work emails and personal emails very often. Hence, it represents an excellent opportunity for businesses to utilize email marketing to engage with their target audience. 

It’s essential to personalize the content to give your audience a good experience. 

Delivering the Right Message

Users open their work emails more often than their personal emails. And it is also reported that users prefer receiving offers with emails.

When you send emails with the user’s name misspelled, recommend things they aren’t interested in at all, expired or inappropriate offers, they get frustrated.

Therefore, you must ensure that you send only relevant emails to your prospects.

Best time to Send the Emails

The ideal time to send emails to your prospects depends on your industry type and the email topics you are sending.

For example, weekends are great for media and publishing companies.

Many people feel the urge to check their emails first thing. Hence, if you send people exciting content, then there is a high chance for people to open and read your email first thing in the morning.

Besides this general idea, you have to go through your reports and metrics to see how the open rates are on different days and times.

These insights will help you to plan your future schedule.

Final Thoughts

With people using emails more often, businesses of any size can be benefitted utilizing this channel.

All you need to know is the right time to send emails to the right people and a good knowledge of your target audience.