How to create a website with good user experience

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A great website is not only meant to have a compelling landing page, unique design, and fantastic content. It also needs to be user-friendly! Here is where a lot of website owners get it all wrong. Little or no attention is given to the use of the website by the visitors. 

We are sure this is a mistake you wouldn’t want to make. Without any doubt, you need a website with good user experience. Such sites tend to get more traffic than the platforms with poor user experience. Hiring a good web design company to work on your website will ensure it has a good user experience. If you are based in Cheshire, check out this web design company in Cheshire. If you want to create your own website here are tips on how to create a user-friendly website. 

1 Maintain visual and typographic hierarchies

Using your websites by both the old and young should be a piece of cake. Maintaining visual and typographic hierarchies can make this dream a reality. Contents are easy to read when they are distinguished. You can make some parts of your post noticeable by using text levels such as Title (H1), Heading (H2), Sub-headings (H3) as well as paragraphs or body tests. 

Other ways you can main visual hierarchies include position, color, weight, size, type contrast, and lots more. For instance, you can make a particular statement noticeable by bolding, making it dark or enlarging the size. 

2 Use white space

 Do you see the space between blocks, images, graphics, and text? That’s white space! As white space is essential to good design, so is it to a website with a good user experience. White space makes your text, graphics, and images more legible. It also ensures that the visitors focus on the properties around the text. Woblogger’s 10Web promo code is the best way to get maximum discount on 10Web managed cloud hosting. 10Web offers not only super fast web hosting but also incredible customer support.

White space also brings the attention of your readers to the essential contents on your website. It gives your website a new look and modern branding. Irrespective of the level of education of your visitors, white space makes the website simple to use. 

3 Use conventions

Humans tend to adhere to myths and customs compared to what is new. This theory isn’t limited to website design. Your website isn’t the first platform they would be visiting; neither would it be the last! These people have visited different kinds of sites and have seen how things are done. 

Therefore, your website could be user-friendly if it has some of these generally known ideas and structures. For instance, the social sharing buttons sticky on the left side of the page, sign-up form in the footer, call to action button at the top and many more are things users can quickly identify and use on your website. 

4 Use Images

Most of the time, images are powerful! Without reading any content, you can understand a lot about a business or body by just seeing the pictures associated with such an organization. These days, people judge your websites by just picking out the photos you have there. If they found you have more of the generic pictures they have seen somewhere else, you would definitely be getting little or no trust from such users. 

Therefore, it is essential to use pictures that make you stand out among your competitors. Also, use images that best showcase your product or service.