How to Recover Virus Infected Video Files for free?

Virus Infected Video Files


Recovering data which is infected by a virus or a malware in a Windows system for free could be a really tricky business and the user should weigh everything before starting to recover such data.

For instance, there can be two kinds of virus infection scenarios:

INSTANCE 1: The virus-infected storage media might be working fine but the video files in it are missing or corrupted. This means only the data has become inaccessible to the user but the storage media is still accessible. In such a case, the user can use the command prompt to work around with the chkdsk and attrib command.

INSTANCE 2: The storage media which was infected by the virus has become totally inaccessible and there is no way the user can access the data on it. In the case when the user wishes to recover deleted files such as videos files without incurring any cost, a free data recovery software can be very helpful to execute the data recovery plan.


Before considering anything else, let us see why and how a storage media gets infected by viruses and malware. Although there can be very strange ways for this to happen, these are the most common ways for a storage media to catch virus infection:

  • Connecting a virus infected storage media to a good computer system.
  • Downloading softwares or other data from untrusted websites.
  • Accidentally downloading a malicious file over the internet.
  • Clicking on a fraud email consisting of such infectious files.

Once a virus or malicious file enters the computer system or any other storage device, it keeps on replicating itself while penetrating into each and every file in the site. This is how viruses spread in a storage medium.


The important question is how someone would be able to detect such a thing in the computer system as it is not some kind of traditional file which will show up clearly. So, here is a collection of some symptoms which the user can look for to detect virus infection:

  • The computer system infected by the virus starts slowing down.
  • Annoying ads starts interrupting the user by popping on the screen.
  • The computer system of the user starts crashing suddenly.
  • The hard disk drive space seems to get lost mysteriously.
  • The internet activity of the computer system has increased weirdly.
  • The settings of the web browser changes suddenly.
  • The anti-virus installed in the computer system stops working.
  • There is a loss of access to certain files.
  • The entire computer system has become inaccessible to the user.

If the user faces any of the above mentioned symptoms in the computer system, the user must understand that the computer system has been infected with virus and malicious softwares.

This virus is very dangerous for the data stored in the storage media and that is why the first thing that a user should do after detecting viral infection in the system is to save that data.


There are various ways that a user can use to save or recover the data infected by virus but here are the most common and useful ones mentioned below for the reference:

  • Command Prompt: Use command prompt to recover video files from a virus infected hard disk drive as it has been a proven way to tackle such a situation. Follow the below mentioned steps to get through with the process:
    • Type ‘cmd’ in the search box available in the Start Menu.
    • Select ‘cmd. Exe’ from the list to open Windows command line.
    • Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d G:\*. * where ‘G’ must be replaced by the hard disk drive letter and get the virus infected files restored.

The above process may take some time. When it is finished, check the drive for the video files.

  • Free Data Recovery Software: A free data recovery software can easily help the user to recover virus infected video files. But the question is which is the best free data recovery software available in the market.

Well, to answer that, you must know that Stellar Data Recovery for Windows is the best free data recovery software available in the market. This is the perfect tool to recover virus infected files from a Windows operating system. The software lets the user restore up to 1 GB of data for free.

Also, Stellar Data Recovery for Windows is extremely easy-to-use and recovers virus infected data in a few simple steps:

  • SELECT: Select the type of data and the drive where the data was originally saved.
  • SCAN: Scan for the recoverable files in the selected location.
  • RECOVER: Recover deleted files and save it in the desired location.


When your video files get affected by virus, do not think much and download the free data recovery software: Stellar Data Recovery for Windows as it can help you recover virus infected video files for free.

Free data recovery up to 1 GB of such videos is easily possible with the free version of the mentioned software which will include all the mentioned features that makes it stand out the rest.

Besides, not only virus infected data damage, the software will also help you recover data from any kind of logical data damage which makes it a one stop destination for all kinds of data recovery.