Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riding During the Rainy Season

Motorcycle Riding

If you’re someone who loves their motorcycle and riding it to different destinations then there will be no doubt that you are an adventurous soul! We bet there are many destinations under your umbrella and you must have traveled under many kinds of weather as well. However one can never be safe enough when embarking on a journey to an unknown place you have never been before.

For those of you who crave the thrill of riding their motorcycles to various destinations, we are sure the idea of traveling during the monsoons must come with its expectations and we don’t want to discourage you from that feeling; however, we feel like it’s our responsibility to make you aware of the possible setbacks that could happen when you drive a motorcycle during the monsoon season and what precautions you could take to avoid it. 

To begin with, the monsoon weather means that you should be expecting a lot of unexpected rain and it’s always wise to be careful than be regretful! The rain for a motorcycle fanatic could mean the risk of skidding, of course, the risk that your motorcycle could unexpectedly stop working, the rainwater could enter the carbonator of the motorcycle and the engine could stop working. When traveling on a motorcycle you need to be careful and you should keep all these factors and many more in mind. 

In this article we are going to be discussing all the things that you should carry with you, the proper gear you should be wearing, and what kind of maintenance you should do before starting your journey.

The things that you should carry with you during a monsoon motorcycle ride include:

1. Umbrella 

You never know when you will need to stop because of an emergency or because you want to take a break due to a heavy rainfall that suddenly started pouring; in such cases, it is not always necessary that you will find shade hence always keep an umbrella with you so you are protected against the rain at all times. 

2. Extra Shoes and Socks

Shoes and socks tend to get wet very quickly and they are usually the first items in your attire that will get soaking wet because of the rain. Hence we recommend that you should carry extra socks and shoes as a backup in case you feel the need to change them. 

3. Little Luggage 

Don’t travel with a lot of heavy luggage because you will always be at the risk of getting your belongings wet; we also suggest not traveling with precious electronics such as laptops, tablets, or extra phones. Try packing all your belongings in a small bag such as a duffle bag or a bag pack because these are the best to carry on a motorcycle commute. Carry the one phone and make sure it is covered in a protective waterproof case and keep that phone under layers of clothes in your bag so that you can decrease the risk of getting it wet. 

When packing your belongings we suggest carrying a waterproof backpack because it is the easiest type of luggage bag to carry around; you don’t need to worry about installing it on the motorcycle or taking it off. You can just get on and off your motorcycle without any hesitation depending on how quickly you want to escape the rain and make a run for it! 

4. Waterproof Spray

Carrying a waterproof spray comes in very useful for making items such as your bag, shoes, gloves, and helmet waterproof. These sprays are cost-effective and very easy to carry around so they are not a hassle at all to invest in them. 

5. Emergency Tool Kit

You need an emergency tool kit such as a Swiss knife that is small, easy to carry and has many kinds of tools attached to it that can come in handy for various purposes. 

The kind of proper gear that you should be wearing includes:

1. Waterproof Jacket

A waterproof jacket is not very expensive to buy but it gives you protection against water and you don’t need to worry about getting your clothes wet. These motorcycle rain gears don’t soak water they are designed in a way that the water can just side off of them and thus they are very easy to dry as well. 

2. Waterproof Gloves

You don’t need to worry about getting your hands wet because waterproof gloves keep them dry and warm no matter how chilly the weather gets and how much it pours. 

3. Reflective clothing

Wearing reflective clothes that are of a neon color is always a good idea especially when traveling during heavy rains. The reason is that wearing reflective clothes makes it easier for others around to be aware of your presence and generally it helps to keep you safe if it’s pouring rain and it becomes hard to see the road ahead clearly especially if it is also dark. So for your safety, we suggest that you invest in a neon jacket. 

The kind of maintenance that you should do before traveling includes:

1. Weather Check

Always check the weather when you leave for any kind of journey because you should always be aware of what to expect on the road and what not to expect. When you are well prepared for the road ahead your journey will be a lot safer and you will enjoy it, even more, knowing you are well prepared. 

2. Tire Maintenance

Get your tires thoroughly checked by a mechanic so you know you can easily ride through tough terrains and that your tires won’t be vulnerable to skidding or bursting during a rainy road journey. 

3. Wind Shield Installation 

Another serious suggestion that we have for you is getting a windshield installed on your motorcycle because this will protect you from heavy rains and strong winds. When a shield is installed it will catch all the rainwater and then you can be safer and also less distracted by the rain falling over you making you wet.