Some Recommended Exercises and Tips for the Diabatic Patients.

Recommended Exercises

Diabetes is a condition in which a person’s sugar levels in their blood are very high. The reasons for this are that insulin is supposed to help break down the sugar and move it into the muscles to use as energy. People who have diabetes either don’t produce insulin, don’t produce enough insulin, or your body has created a resistance against the insulin so the body is not using it efficiently enough. 

In type 1 diabetes the body stops making insulin altogether thus you need to inject insulin artificially into your body to get the desired results or lowering sugar levels in your blood. In type 2 diabetes your body is producing insulin but it is either not enough or it is not being used efficiently by your body. 

Now research has shown that although type 1 diabetes cannot be cured or reversed, type 2 diabetes can be reversed to the extent that an individual can stop taking medication altogether; but this can be through bringing a change in their lifestyle which mean the individual will need to do quite a lot of exercise or any other physical activities like practicing martial arts which engages maximum muscles and increase mobility. If you are an active martial arts practitioner then I would suggest checking out Elite Sports. They have a wide variety of martial arts apparel and gears.

Some experts say that a diabetic person should at least devote 1 hour and 30 minutes to exercising per week for the body to lower sugar levels in their blood. Diabetes if not addressed on time can have many repercussions to the human body in long run so definitely if you’re feeling any of the following symptoms do get your blood tested and consult a doctor:

  • Feeling extremely thirsty all the time
  • Feeling fatigued more than usual
  • Going to the bathroom a lot especially during the night time
  • Wounds taking very long to be cured
  • Bruises appearing on the body
  • Feeling itchy on your genitals
  • Losing weight without trying
  • Having a blurry vision
  • Joints hurting more than usual

These are all alarming signs for a human being and must not be ignored at any cost. We strongly advise visiting a doctor if you are at all concerned.

We have also comprised in this article a set of exercises that doctors and experts over the years swear by that will help you reduce sugar levels in your blood, so take out your workout shorts and get a move on! 


The theory behind using up glucose in your blood is that it supports muscle movement by providing muscles with energy. Your legs have the largest muscle in your body which are your glutes; when you spend even just 30 minutes a day doing brisk walk your body will be turning glucose into energy very efficiently and this will bring down the sugar levels in your blood drastically. 

So don’t shy away from exercising because you think it will be too hectic or painful for you to do. Just put on some headphones and enjoy a walk in your park. 


Running has the same effect as walking and the theory remains the same; however, we advise running as well because this exercise will also help you lose weight which is a necessary component for diabetic patients. Running also has many more health benefits such as increasing stamina, regulating oxygen in your blood and it improves blood circulation. 

Most importantly you don’t need a gym membership to do this exercise you can just change into your sports shorts and go out for a nice refreshing run! Don’t even think about diabetes just enjoy the environment around you! 


Cycling again uses leg muscles the most in a human body and hence it has made it to our list! Cycling will help exert your leg muscles gently which will allow your body to burn off energy efficiently. Again spend 30 minutes a day devoted especially to cycling and that will help keep you healthy! 


Usually, people who have diabetes suffer from joint aches and pains; swimming is an exercise that is recommended to people who have arthritis because water sports help reduce stress on your joints while still giving a muscle workout that your body needs. In case that you have joint pains due to diabetes, we suggest that you try out swimming three times a week along with running for 30 minutes every day for optimum results.  

Weight Training

Sometimes due to diabetes people tend to lose muscle mass automatically which is not an ideal situation at all because you need muscle mass to function properly; plus if you won’t have sufficient muscle mass then how will you use sugar in your blood as energy? 

Hence it is advised that you should continue to do weight training to build that muscle mass or at least maintain it. We don’t recommend anything too intense because you don’t want to injure your muscles you just want to keep them active. 


Stress is another factor that causes sugar levels in your blood to rise, and yoga is an activity that helps relax a person and prevents them from becoming anxious or too stressed through breathing exercises. 

We suggest doing plenty of yoga after a workout session or at least doing it three times a week for some effect. 

Exercising should not be made compulsory because you are suffering from a disease, it should be incorporated in your everyday life regardless because there are so many benefits of working out. It helps keep your blood pressure low, it helps keep your weight in check, exercise helps in building muscle mass and your stamina and it overall makes you a stronger person by working on your bones and core. Along with all these exercises make sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water because water helps in removing excess sugar through urination and without increasing a drop of sugar in your blood. 

Good luck and don’t worry too much! A healthy lifestyle lead by healthy eating exercising can help you immensely.