Things To Keep In Mind for first-time USA visitors.

USA visitors

George Goyal from Houston says the USA is a country where kilometers become miles, kilograms become pounds and liters become gallons, and so on. After reaching the USA you can see how huge and big the country is. There are many things that the US has that are a bit different and unique from the rest of the world. The USA is a new country and has many migrants from various parts of the world hence you can spot the amalgamation of many cultures here. As a result, the lifestyle here is unique for first-time visitors. 

Let us discuss a few of the travelling tips by George Goyal Houston for the first time visitors of the place and the things you need to know about it. 

Tips for a road trip or commuting

  • United States is huge and hence if you are travelling from one place to another, it will be a long drive by itself. Many people are used to kilometers hence sudden distance in miles create a mirage among people and hence you need to plan accordingly. You need to take breaks in between as the US is known for the distance blindness. 
  • In the big cities, parking is a major issue or very expensive hence it is suggested to not to rent a car in big cities. Depend on Uber, taxis or metros. 
  • The cities are very big and hence walking tours are not possible as it is in Europe. The cities of the US are not suggested for walking tours as all the major places are widespread and one cannot walk so long. 
  • If you rent a car directly from the airport, it is comparatively cheaper as compared to renting the car from city-center. If you are an international tourist, it is suggested to carry an international driving license along with the rental charges. You even need to pay extra for the driver insurance charges. 
  • It is important to check the condition of car before renting, take the toll card machine as being the first timers, you may unknowingly cross toll roads many times. Or you can even ask the car company to add the I-pass or similar device to deduct the toll automatically on the highways. 
  • Most of the gas stations or petrol pumps are automatic ones and human-less that means you need to fill gas yourself that is not very common in Asia or Middle East countries. 
  • Staying in a motel in between cities is much cheaper that the hotels within the cities. Hence if the distance is too long, break your journey and rent room in nearby motel rather than hotel. 

Hotel, stay, and restaurant tips

  • There are plenty of huge rooms having big king-sized beds in the hotels in the USA. It is easy to accommodate 4 to 5 people officially in the family rooms having 2 to 3 king beds. In Europe, it is too difficult to find such family room to have a stay for whole family. 
  • Check whether hotel offer the buffet breakfast. As in the US many hotels don’t provide buffet breakfast with rooms. Also, if they provide this facility, the breakfast is very minimal and not like Middle East, Asia or Europe. 
  • Many hotels have laundry room and you can use the laundry by paying a coin. Also you can dry the clothes by paying another coin. Mostly use of washing machine and dryer are at extra costs but sometimes it is included in the rent or charges too. 
  • Free parking is available in a few of hotels but not in all hotels. It is better to check beforehand the type of parking because usually hotel parking is very expensive. 
  • The breakfast is usually served on disposable cutlery and crockery. Also more is self-made types or self-service. 
  • The power sockets and plugs are of type A and B. the standard voltage here is 120 V that is different than rest of the world. Hence if you are taking any electrical gadget with you, remember to have an adapter with it too. 
  • While you eat at the restaurant that does not have a self-service, tipping to waiters is recommended. Tipping in the restaurants is very common among the restaurants of United States. 
  • The tap water is served at many places for drinking and in most of the cities, it is not risky to drink that water. 
  • The alcohol consumption or drinking age is 21 years in the USA. Hence if you look too young, then the server or seller may ask for your age proof on a legal document. 


If you are visiting the USA for the first time, you may not be aware of many things and activities carried here. Hence follow the points stated by George Goyal Houston to make your visit easy, safe and effortless.