Ways of keeping yourself motivated when you get tired of boxing.

tired of boxing

Boxing is a very popular sport and many people genuinely enjoy indulging in this sport. However, it is considered to be a very serious sport if you want to indulge in it wholeheartedly because of the possibility of injuring yourself. This sport also requires intensive training because a lot of effort and patience goes into perfecting your stance and being able to survive a match with an opponent. 

There was a time when athletes such as Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson contributed heavily in making this sport accessible and commercial for people around the around. Even today when you hear the soundtrack to Rocky you will feel an adrenaline rush that cannot be described by anything else but a wave of nostalgia that tends to wash over you.

Boxing is taken up by many people not because they want to compete in matches but also because boxing has many health benefits as well:

Weight loss: 

Many people want to lose weight and that is why they will opt for boxing because training as a boxer will help you execute so much energy and burn so many calories. You will find yourself sweating like anything even after just 30 minutes of training.


Cardio is excellent for blood circulation and the rejuvenation of your muscles and it is recommended by many experts and doctors to at least do cardio exercises for at least 30 minutes three times a week. 


you need to have excellent lung capacity when training as a boxer because you cannot afford to wear out before your opponent. You need to have strong stamina to survive all your rounds efficiently. Training as a boxer will help you improve your lung capacity.  

Muscle Workout: 

muscles get extra attention when you are boxing because you need to channel all that energy that comes out of your core through your upper arm muscles and lower legs. When you deliver punches and keep hopping from one leg to another not only are you striving to stay alert but all the while you’re using almost all the muscles in your body. 

Keeps Blood Pressure Low:

exercising at an intense level helps regulate your blood and also prevents you from getting high blood pressure and high sugar levels in your blood. And you better believe that boxing will require you to train intensely for sure!

Bits of Help Reduce Stress And Anxiety:

 many people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and anger management are advised by their psychiatrists to indulge in sports that will allow them to channel their negative energy in a positive and safe environment. Boxing will allow you to get rid of any negative energy thoroughly without a doubt! 

However, it will be ignorant to not appreciate the drilling that most boxers and athletes go through because it is commendable on their part how they can easily get up in the mornings and take time out of their busy schedules to follow their passion. And sometimes it does get very excruciating to motivate yourself to get up and continue training. So if you’re someone who is struggling to find the motivation to get up and work, then don’t worry we are here to help you. Just get up and change into your boxing attire with all the safety precautions and continue reading this article! We are positive by the time you will get done with this article you will run straight to your practicing session!  

Watch boxing movies: 

We know that you are someone who was heavily influenced by movies such as Rocky when you decided to train for boxing. There isn’t a single person who loves boxing and is not familiar with this classic movie. The struggle of the protagonist in the movie is highlighted so vividly that although the film does glorify the idea of boxing, it does not shy away from educating you about the effort that goes into becoming a successful boxer. 

Rocky should not be the only movie to watch for your motivation, you can also watch other movies such as Karate Kid that show the journey of struggling athletes who worked hard even when they didn’t want to just because they wanted to taste success. 

Watching documentaries of famous athletes and learning about their lives should also be a source of motivation.

Read up on your favorite boxing athletes: 

Again, try to gain as much knowledge as you can of people who have gone through the struggles that you are going through right now and focus on the results that they were able to reap because of their efforts.

Most importantly if you regularly go to a sports complex to learn your skill then take motivation from others like you who are in real time going through the same struggle of remaining inspired. 

Look back at your progress: 

If you’re someone who has already put months of effort into this sport then look back at your experience and how far along in your game you have come. We bet you have better form, better stamina and you just feel so much healthier. All this progress in itself should be telling you that efforts do pay off! 

Keep your eyes hooked on the goal: 

If you have set a goal for yourself then just keep your eye on that because nothing is impossible to achieve. May be begin your day by reading a couple of motivational quotes to keep you encouraged; it would be even better if these quotes were by boxers who inspire you every day to follow your passion. 

Read up on the benefits of boxing: 

Reading up on the reasons why you began boxing in the first place should take you back to when you were motivated to begin this sport. Revisit that place and allow yourself to feel the same passion as you did before and we bet you will be on your feet in no time! 

Talk with yourself: 

You are your best motivator and you know more than anyone why you began this journey in the first place. Talk with yourself and tell yourself why you wanted this badly and we are positive you will need nothing else but a pep talks to help you get back on track!