Why is HIIT considered the most efficient fat burning workout?

fat burning workout

Our busy schedules demand us to manage our time efficiently so that we can make time for exercising and to set a healthy regime for ourselves. In the world that we are living in and the routine that we tend to follow, exercising usually tends to take the backseat in our lives. This is of course unacceptable and not at all recommended because health should always be a priority for us. However, there are many experts and life coaches who admit that adults nowadays are so burdened with responsibilities that it genuinely does so happen that they can’t take out huge chunks of time from their day and devote it solely for working out. 

While we appreciate a hard worker, we also respect those who acknowledge the importance of leading a healthy life and dedicating sometime of their day to solely focus on themselves. One of the most appreciated forms of working out designed specifically for those who want to balance between their work and health is high-intensity interval training; this workout in its most basic form allows you to burn fat by increasing your heart rate through a set of cardio exercises in a very short amount of time and with very small intervals between them. 

The benefits of doing high-intensity interval training have been established by many trainers who swear by the results, so change into your sportswear and get ready: 

Less time consuming

As established before high-intensity interval training tends to take up very few minutes of your time; the session can last between 5 minutes to 30 minutes. While this seems to be a very short period, you will feel every second of this workout because of how badly your muscles will hurt as you burn those calories. 

Regardless, high-intensity interval training is ideal for those people who find themselves in a time crunch and are not able to devote special time to work out or worry about exercising; but their workout will be just as efficient as someone who likes to spend an hour and a half on their exercising regime. 

Burn Fat very quickly

The exercises that are included in a simple high-intensity workout can burn your fat far more quickly as compared to other forms of exercises. 

A study that compared high-intensity interval training, cycling, weight lifting, and running showed that of all these exercises a 30 min session of high-intensity interval training was most efficient and burnt the most fat. This 30-minute session consisted of a 20-second workout and a 40-second rest after that; this constant pattern of raising your heartbeat and then bringing it down and then again raising it has this effect on individuals that allows their body to burn calories very fast. 

An excellent form of cardio

High-intensity interval training is all about raising your heartbeat which means throughout your training session you will be doing cardio which is excellent for blood circulation, rejuvenation of blood vessels, distribution of oxygen and it helps to clear a foggy mind. So not only will you be burning quite a lot of calories in a short amount of time while doing high-intensity interval training but you will also be getting all the benefits of doing cardio at maximum levels. 

Helps Build Stamina

The 30 minutes that you will be spending on doing a HIIT session will be entirely focused on building your stamina enough that you can easily keep up with the highs and lows of the workout session. At the beginning of your session, you will find it very difficult to catch a breath as just 40 seconds of rest will not seem enough after doing cardio exercises; however gradually the entire process will begin to feel much easier. 

No need for Gym machines 

The best thing about high-intensity interval training is that you won’t be needing fancy gym machines such as treadmills, cycles, or a stepper; all you need is your body and you will be training to solely use your body for the same results. Hence even if you are unable to go to the gym you can still work out on your own at home! You might need to invest in some gym equipment like a mat, basic weights, and a dumbbell but these are equipment we advise everyone concerned about their health should invest in. 

Metabolism will remain high even after the workout

The way that a high-intensity interval training session is created your body will still be burning off fat even after the session has been completed. Your muscles and your entire body go through a kind of trauma because of how vicious the entire process is that it continues to burn off calories and keep your metabolism up. 

Improves Insulin Resistance 

High-intensity interval training is advised to sugar patients by their doctors and experts because it is excellent for helping to increase insulin resistance and lowering blood sugar levels in the blood. Based on this people with type 2 diabetes are advised to indulge in high-intensity interval training regularly. 

Improves Blood Pressure

When you are losing so many calories and fat while doing intense cardio training your blood pressure is bound to improve as your heart is forced into working better. Blood is easily and efficiently circulated your body and this improves the overall performance of your entire body. 

Helps work on different body muscles 

When doing a high-intensity interval training session, you will be alternating between types of exercises; which means you won’t be doing the same kind of exercise throughout the session. Alternating between different kinds of exercises means that you will be using different body muscles to get that optimum level of work out so your body will be making use of every muscle in your body as you change each exercise. 

With all these benefits we bet you are heading out the door right now to purchase some high-quality sportswear